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Cheap Laser Cutter For Sale, Buy Laser Cutting Machine

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Emit has the cheapest laser cutter for sale, on EMIT online website, you don’t need to spend too much money to buy an ideal laser cutting machine. We provide the best laser equipment for customers around the world. As a beginner or a professional, the laser cutting machine can bring huge profits to your business. It can submit work efficiency and make you have a better DIY.


EMIT 1610 is a cheap automatic feed laser cutting machine with high precision, fast speed and easy to use. The laser cutter features continuous curve cutting to meet your large-scale cutting needs. 1610 is mainly used to cut fabrics and leather, such as silk, cotton, polyester, chemical fiber and so on. If you are working in the following industries, you can buy an automatic feed laser cutting machine: Clothing industry, shoes, home textile industry, embroidery industry, trademarks, plush toys, filtration and purification industry, umbrellas, warp knitting and other industries. We also have optional models, please refer to: Leather Fabric Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine For Sale

Model: EMIT 1610Engraving Area: 1600*1000mm
Laser Tube: Sealed CO2 Glass TubeLaser power: 60W-150W
Power Supply: AC220V,50Hz/AC110V,60HzEngraving Speed: 0-60000mm/min
Function: Cutting/EngravingCooling Mode: Water Cooling
Working Platform: Herringbone net automatic feeding platformPositioning accuracy: ±0.05mm
Type: USBWarranty:1 Year

Automatic Feed Laser Cutting Machine 1610

Automatic Feeding Platform

  • Full servo motor makes feeding more accurate
  • High strength, high pressure resistance, no deformation
  • Automatic work
  • Additional blowing flame retardant design
  • Working continuously for a long time

Adjustable Laser Head

  • Double laser heads can work together
  • High speed and high precision

Stepper Motor

  • Equipment-specific motor, long life and large torque
  • Low noise, corrosion resistance and stable torque
  • Superior performance, manufacturer warranty
  • Double elastic thickening shaft design

Alloy Linear Double-axis Guide

  • Adopt high quality optical axis and bearing
  • Guarantee linearity and smoothness
  • Smooth sliding and low noise
  • Accurate, high speed

Double Pressing

  • Prevent cloth deviation and slippage
  • More guarantee the accuracy of the fabric
  • Guarantee the flatness of the fabric

Herringbone Chain Mesh Belt

  • Large hole pitch resistant to high temperature and wear
  • Protecting material
  • The brush effectively filters out the adhered material
  • Increase breathability and enhance cutting effect

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