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Guide For Buying A Laser Engraver In 2020

Guide For Buying a Laser Engraver in 2020

Laser engraving machine is a device that can engrave and cut wood, paper, leather, acrylic and other materials. Whether for industry, home or individual, a comprehensive research investigation is required before purchasing a laser engraver. If you choose the right manufacturer or supplier, you can buy the best laser engraving machines at a lower cost.

Now, we have listed the precautions before buying a laser engraver. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, this guide will help you make the right decision.

How choose a laser engraving Machine?

Some beginners believe that the current laser engraving machine configuration is very high, and the price is cheap, it is certainly easy to buy a laser engraving machine. But as a professional, I think you should choose a laser device that meets your needs, only in this way, you can buy an affordable laser engraving machine. Most laser engraving machines can be used to engrave or cut crafts. We recommend the following laser engraving&cutting machines according to different materials and requirements.

Engraving bamboo, wood and small crafts

If you want to engrave bamboo, wood and small crafts, then EMIT4060 is your best choice, it is a small laser engraving machine with cheap price and high precision.

Engraving wooden box, wine box

For the engraving of square materials such as wooden boxes or wine boxes, we recommend EMIT4060 or 9060, and you need to configure the lifting platform, otherwise the long wooden box can not be engraved.

Engraving bamboo tube, tea box

For engraving of round materials, 4060 or 9060 laser machine both arr good. At the time of buying, you should ask the seller to configure the lifting platform and have a rotary engraving device.

Cutting paper materials such as greeting cards

If you want to make a greeting card or a Christmas card, a small laser engraving machine such as EMIT4060 or 9060 is the best option. It has a fast cutting speed and high precision, which can avoid the yellowing of the edge of the paper.

Engraving large woodblock prints

For large wood paintings or other large materials, you should choose a large laser engraving machine or laser cutting machine. I suggest you buy 1390 with a lifting platform and you can put materials on the front and back of the laser engraver, so it is easy to engrave large wooden boards.

Cutting cloth and leather

For the cutting of materials such as leather fabrics, we have a professional laser cutter- EMIT1610. The laser cutter has a fast cutting speed, high power and a honeycomb cutting platform.

Cutting acrylic

Acrylic materials are very hard. You should choose a lasermachine with a large power and long life. It is best to choose a blade platform for the working platform, so that the bottom of the material will not be reflected. In addition, cutting for acrylic is the most high requirement for CO2 laser cutter, so this is a good standard for testing the laser technology capabilities of suppliers.

What is the best laser engraver/cutter?

Now you have found a laser engraving machine which suitable for your project, then you need to look for high quality laser equipment. It is possible to use different parts for laser engraver with the same appearance. You need to look carefully and ask the following sections to find the best laser engraver and cutter.


The engraving accuracy of the laser engraver is determined by the motor. If you have high requirements on the engraving accuracy, you must ask the seller about the motor.

2. Laser tube

Laser tubes are the most important part of laser engraving machines. The price of laser tubes is different in the market. Some sellers use low-quality laser tubes to reduce costs. Compared with low-quality laser tubes, high-quality laser tubes can be used tens of thousands hours. So you can ask the seller about the life of the laser tube to judge the quality of the laser tube.

3. Laser lens

The laser lens determines the power of the laser engraving machine. If you are planning to buy a high-power laser engraving machine, then you should choose a good laser lens.

4. Machine casing

In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use a very thin iron sheet to make the machine casing. The customer will not pay attention to it at the beginning, but after a period of use, the laser engraving machine will be deformed. The best laser engraving machine should be Used frame structure, welded with high quality steel, and made of high quality cold rolled steel to make the casing. Before buying, you can request about the thickness of the seller’s machine casing to judge the quality.

After sales service

After-sales service is very important for beginners. First of all, if the supplier don’t have good after-sales service, you may have to spend a lot of time learning how to use laser engraving machine.
In addition, some parts of the laser engraving machine belong to consumables, such as laser tubes, emitting lenses, etc. These parts have a service life. After the damage, they you need to contact the manufacturer for replacement. This requires the seller to have the best after-sales service, if there is no good After-sales service, I think this will be very terrible.

Buying a laser engraving machine is an important investment, so make sure you choose the trustable seller and buy the best laser machine. If you have other questions, please leave us a message and we will share more information.

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